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Junflon® peelable heat-shrink tubing is the industry’s first peelable FEP heat-shrink tubing, offering time savings and process improvements versus standard heat-shrink tubing.

Removing traditional FEP-heat shrink tubing (HST) smoothly has been a serious problem in catheter manufacturing for many years. FEP-HST is used to weld, laminate, tip and other processes. The only way to remove it from the catheter is by “skiving” it off, which not only takes significant time, there is also a possibility that the catheter can become damaged in the process. Both costly and time consuming, the market needed to find a viable solution to this unmet need. 

With the challenge set, Junkosha designed a product called peelable heat shrink tubing (PHST). Offering all of the performance of standard heat shrink tubing, it included one critical difference: it is very easy to remove from the catheter. Junkosha’s PHST solution needs only a single slit at one end to get it started, enabling it to be easily peeled along its entire length. This solution reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for catheter manufacturers, by helping them to produce the final product more rapidly with improved yields and lower inspection levels while being more ergonomically safe. Overall, PHST is the industry’s first peelable FEP heat shrink tubing, and continues to be the industry benchmark of safety and performance.


Easy-peeling performance

Peelable heat-shrinking tubing

Junflon PHST vs FEP-HST

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Ultra-Small PHST

Simple to remove, even at inside diameters of less than 0.4mm

Smallest Diameters

High-Shrink PHST

Improved compression performance

For demanding processes

Clear PHST

Optimum clarity for welding and monitoring

Superior Visibility

All new 2.5:1 PHST

The industry’s highest shrink ratio currently possible



Improved performance for catheter and guidewire production

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Try Junflon® peelable heat-shrink tubing

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