About Junkosha

For more than 60 years, Junkosha Inc. has manufactured products that fulfill the medical community’s most exacting standards.

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Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Our products are an essential part of ultrasound (multi-coaxial cables for transducers and assemblies), MRI (body surface coils and cables), x-ray (digital cables), and CT equipment, as well as high-performance endoscopes (coaxial cable), IVUS systems (ultra-small coaxial cable), and other medical imaging devices.

Medical Treatment Jigs and Devices

Junkosha manufactures an array of medical treatment jigs and devices, including tubes for indwelling needles and catheters; injection-molded parts for high-frequency knives and syringes; heat-resistant flexible hoses for dialysis use; and cables and tubes for medical robots.

Medical Device Manufacture

Our high-visibility heat-shrink tubing is essential for welding nylon, nylon elastomers, and urethanes in the production of catheters and guidewires.

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