The industry’s first peelable heat-shrink tubing


Junflon® peelable heat-shrink tubing (PHST) offers all the performance of standard heat-shrink tubing with one critical difference: It’s much easier to remove. Junflon® PHST requires only a single slit to get it started and peels easily along its entire length. Junflon® PHST was the industry’s first peelable heat-shrink tubing and remains the benchmark of safety and performance. All of our materials meet the stringent USP Class VI plastics requirement.

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  • Saves time to remove.
  • 5x faster on average than standard heat-shrink tubing.
  • Greater productivity.
  • Cost savings.
  • Easy to peel away—requires only a single slit.
  • No extra tools needed.
  • No special training needed.
  • Reduces the likelihood of tubing failure and product damage.

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