Privacy Policy

1. Upon obtaining solicited personal information, we will clarify in advance the purpose of use as far as it is necessary for our business. In the event that we will change our purpose of use, we will receive his/her approval beforehand.

2. We pledge to obtain personal information fairly and legitimately. Whatever may happen, we never try to obtain personal information by deceiving or other illegal means.

3. We will use the personal information to the extent that is needed for our business and such information’s stated purpose of use. If we would like to use the personal information beyond the scope of the stated purpose of use, we will request advance approval from the individual in question.

4. We will strive to keep personal information accurate and up to date as necessary for the scope of the stated purpose of use.

5. In principle, we will neither disclose nor provide the personal information to any third parties without advance approval from the individual in question. We may be compelled to disclose personal information without approval from the individual in question if such disclosure is required by national governmental agencies or bodies (including courts and law enforcement agencies), local public authorities, or other laws or regulations.

6. If the individual in question asks us to disclose or correct any personal information held by us, we will comply with the request in accordance with established procedures and notify the individual in question of the actions taken. (Please note that such handling may be subject to certain fees.)

7. In the event that we receive some complaints from the individual in question about the control of the individual information, we will tackle the issue, having investigated the fact situation promptly and sincerely.

8. We may provide information it deems to be of interest to the individual in question by e-mail, post, or other means, based on personal information obtained by us. The individual in question may elect not to receive such information, in which case we will stop sending such information to the individual in question.

9. We will comply with all statutes, laws, regulations, and ordinances applying to personal information. We will also review and strive to improve its handling of personal information when and where appropriate.

Established September 2007

Quality Policy

The Junkosha Corporate Philosophy defines the creation of unsurpassed value as the company’s fundamental purpose. Junkosha seeks to put quality first in its pursuit of new challenges, groundbreaking innovation, and unbounded creativity. At the same time, we will do our utmost to develop the skills of our employees and improve their daily work life.

Established March 2002

Each fiscal year, the company applies the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle to set target defect rates, target figures, and make other improvements.

Environmental Policy

Based on its concern for the environment, Junkosha implements the following environmental policy in various aspects of its business activities and employee actions.

1. We will advance environmental protection activities by environmental management systems which were established on the basis of ISO 14001 standard, recognizing our responsibilities and roles.

2. We pledge to ascertain the environmental impact of our business activities and products, establish and reliably achieve environmental targets and goals, and make continual improvements to our environmental management systems.

3. In addition to complying with the environmental laws and regulations and other requirements to which we have agreed, we will establish our own autonomous standards to protect the environment and prevent pollution to the fullest possible extent.

4. Taking our current business activities into consideration, we will try to improve following specific items:

  1. Make effective use of electricity, kerosene, water, and raw materials
  2. Reduce losses and waste volumes
  3. Separate the wastes and recycle them effectively and effectively recycling waste
  4. Use the Environmental control substances in correct manner
  5. Design environmental friendly products and processes

Established September 2005

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